auto transmission on 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

car will not move in any gear before you could rev up engine and after hearing a certain sound put it in gear and go.although o.d. would go away after warmed up.but worked fine ..until you turn off engine and restart ... motor would have to be raised again. ive heard torque converter but dont know where to start diagnosing

This may be a pressure control valve(pressure regulator) or a weak pump of low fluid level.Or very dirty fluid and a plugged up filter!Or just worn out clutches, from high mileage and or no transmission services!There is an o ring that seals the oil from draining back from the converter positioned on the verry front of the input shaft and it seals the oil in the converter assy,if it drains back the converter cant function untill the converter fills up! So you have to wait before the converter impellers can react to the spinning of the assembly,on the flywheel.