auto trans not shifting out of 2nd mosto of the time on 1990 Audi 200

Update to my March 17th question. I have installed a new accumulator piston, clutch pates and pads, gaskets, seals, ATF pump rings and bushing - still have same symptoms. I have noticed the trans shifts to 3rd at 45mph+ when I let off the throttle and the engine rpm's start to drop . When I throttle up it goes back into 2nd.

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usually the "second gear brake band" causes something like this. it can be adjusted to a point unless the band is shot. there is a 17mm lock nut over an allen bolt on the side of the trans (there is a proceedure). this problem is usually worst cold, it that your case?
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Hi, Did you find out what was causing the shifting problems? Is this the transmission that has the separate differential in front of the trans? I've seen these mix the fluids, did you see that happening?