Auto Shut down relay---no start and fuse blowing on 2001 Jeep Cherokee

ASD relay is chattering and the control fuse 15a mini was blowing. Replaced relay due to no start, vehicle started but acted as if cold circuit was not working. Drove for a few days like that and then the ASD control fuse (not the 30 amp) started blowing. Im back to square one.. Now Fuse is not blowing but the new relay is now chattering. Please help.

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If the fuse is blowing, it has to be because there is too much of a current draw somewhere in the circuit. The purpose of the ASD relay is to cut the power to the fuel pump if there is no Crank signal such as in the case of an accident. The control side is grounded by the Power Train Control Module when it sees a Crank Signal and ungrounded when the Crank Signal goes away. How do the wires look that surround your relay in the area where it plugs in?
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The ASD relay supplies battery voltage (12+ volts) to the fuel injectors and ignition coil(s). With certain emissions packages it also supplies 12–volts to the oxygen sensor heating elements. The Fuel Pump Relay is a separate relay controlled by the ASD relay input to the PCM. Fuse #12 (10amp) provides 12 volts to the coil side of both the relays and the ignition switch. Fuse #6 (30 amps) supplies 12 volts to the output side of the relay. Fuse #16 (15 amp) from the relay output to the Oxygen Sensors and Fuse #26 (15 amp) relay output to the PCM. Fuse #24 (20 amp) is Fuel pump relay output to fuel pump. Fuse #19 (10 amp) supplies 12 volts direct to the PCM.

my 2000 cherokee did the same. i had to have it towed home. finaly after tinkering with it i replaced the fuse and noticed that it would blow when you put it in drive but not reverse.... after about three fuses i found the problem. the wiring harness coming from the firewall had a spot worn in it and it was grounding to the transmission dip stick when the motor tilted while in gear! so i taped the harness with electrical tape and haven't had a problem since!!