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AutoNation Honda 104
May 04, 2015

I took my car in for a routine oil change and it turned into a three-week long nightmare that I am still dealing with. When I left the lot the first time I drove about three miles before my oil lamp came on indicating that I did not have any oil in my car. I returned to the dealership where I was told by the service manager, Brandon, a real ass by the way, that I had a faulty filter. They supposedly replaced the filter and refilled the oil, and cleaned the engine. That simple process took another three hours. When the service manager returned he admitted that there were "issues' and gave me three coupons for future oil changes and a car wash because, in his words, "my car could use it". I returned home after spending my entire day at the dealership to find that I now have an oil leak. When I brought my car back to the dealership on Monday to take a look at it, they claimed that I now had a leaky transmission seal and that it would cost me $1800.00. Oh yeah, and I have a bunch of other stuff that they want to fix too. When I mentioned my issues from Saturday the service manager referred to my issue and an "unfortunate circumstance". What? They refuse to claim any wrong doing about what happened. I took my car to another master tech and he told me that my leak is a rear seal for the oil, not transmission and that it was obviously caused by overfilling the oil. I am calling the GM and the owner to let them know what a POS the service managers are and demanding that they fix my car or I will go to the BBB. a**holes!

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AutoNation Honda 104
January 30, 2013

After 5 hours of being on the lot to purchase our car, we went home. It was night time when we got back to out city. The next day we found out that the car had white paint on it but only on the right side. We took it back and they, Gen. manager and sales manager, told us that over a 100 cars had got paint over spray on them from stripping and painting the building. We took it back twice to have the paint removed and the second time, the service writer said that if they tried to remove any more of the over spray paint, they would damage the original paint and that they would have to re-paint the car. Now this is a brand new car! I called and left a message for the Gen. manager to call me and he has not returned my call and it has been two months now. The truth is, NOT one person from Go Honda has called us about the car, not even the sales man after we bought it.

After the second time of them trying to get the paint off the car and the wheels, and I was told they couldn't, I went up and spoke to the sales man that sold us the car, Max, and he said "at least the engine runs good".

After contacting American Honda and they tried to get the general manager to call my husband, my husband has yet to receive a call from him. But the general manager did finally return American Honda's call and responded after my husband told American Honda that the only recourse we had was to take them to court? One of the managers told Todd, at American Honda, that he would only talk to me because my name was only on the title, not my husband's name?

I let my husband handle this because the first time we took the car back, which is a three hour drive for us, they tried to tell us that it was paint from the building. So why did the paint and body man say it was so hard to take off? He also said they didn't buff the car. Then, when my husband asked him how the black trim got all dull, he said that was the result of buffing. The managers tried to smooth it all over with me but I sure am glad my husband was there, seems to me they were trying to take advantage of a women not knowing anything about cars. Lucky my husband retired from the police force. He had his recorder on when they told us about the other cars and said they would make it like new. We still have paint and no calls from the dealer or anyone from there.

We have contacted the Attorney Generals office and asked them for a class action suit. How many of these cars were sold with paint on them that they can't remove?

By the way, the paper I signed to go to aberration instead of court, is null and void. My husband can take them to court and we have our lawyers fixed to do just that. We just want a our car without paint on it, that is it, nothing more.

This matter has made me very sick but I am willing to go all the way with it so that other people will not have this problem in the future.

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