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15005 US HWY 19 North, Clearwater, FL 33764

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AutoNation Chevrolet South Clearwater
January 01, 2013

This Autoway Chevrolet dealership at 15005 US 19 North, Clearwater, FL (corner of 150th Avenue North) is a totally incompetent shop. The staff was VERY rude, the Service Manager was no help, the mechanics are the worst, are idiots. I had a starting problem. My son and I towed my '81 Silverado to the dealership. Estimate was under $100.00 to diagnose and fix, if it was a simple fix. On their form it says they will contact me if the bill will go 15% over the estimate. When I came to pick it up the bill was over $440.00. I asked for an explanation and was told they had to replace my distributor. I asked why, it was running fine before I had to replace a head gasket? Turned out they told me they DO NOT HAVE the equipment to test my Distributor, so they replaced it, at my expense and without the required consultation. They said I had mis-connected an ignition wire to the Distributor (a Florida gully-washer rain storm had destroyed my wire labels during my head gasket / valve job work). Found out later I had just missed connecting the wire (as they did also), not mis-connected it. It was dangling down behind the Torque Converter housing. They replaced the wire they thought was missing by splicing in another wire, when they only needed to locate and connect it. And they replaced the entire Distributor (all except the cap). I found they also broke the hood latch mechanism. I paid and left after a testy interface with one service counter clerk. I could drive it only 1/2 to 3 miles and it would repeatedly stop running. Got it back to the Autoway Chevy dealership and the same clerk was an enhanced SOB. The Service Manager would not check for the problem without re-charging me. No end of discussion made any difference. I took it to a NON-Chevy shop and found the mechanic had installed the wrong gauge wire and actually did a darn poor splicing job too, using one of those snap-on plastic splicers. The "wrong" wire overheated and quit conducting very quickly. I was very LUCKY I did not have a FIRE. Imagine a Chevy shop that does not know how to open a hood that was already partly unlatched (in-cab handle pulled, still on safety catch). They pulled the hood release handle until they ruined the cable. Also installed the WRONG GAUGE WIRE, by a few sizes, in the primary side of the Ignition System and replaced a wire the was still there, just needed to be located, which I would expect professional mechanics (if they were) to locate by diagnosis. And they replaced a Distributor (at OVER $220.00 for the part) that tested fine at the next shop. And the bill was well beyond the plus 15%. And they would not even look at what was wrong with their repair work.
Be advised - this dealership has a very lucrative Parts business on the property and has wanted to shut down the dealership for many years, but Chevrolet will not let them. I can well imagine the competent mechanics left years ago, knowing this.
As an aside, regarding GMC's Chevrolet division. Many years ago I bought a brand new '87 Z-28 from Don Mealey Chevrolet, 14138 W Highway 50, Clermont, FL 34711. It too was a disaster. Along with body panel / paint issues it had a Cruise Control that took command of my car and accelerated well beyond the speed limit. Hitting the brakes had no affect. I had to turn the key off and let it slow WAY DOWN. They blamed it on me, saying I CHOSE an aftermarket Cruise Control. I ordered a Z with Cruise Control. I had absolutely nothing to do with selecting the Cruise Control unit, It took me TWO years to get Mealey Chevrolet to fix this problem, even after contacting the Regional Rep, who did nothing at all. This after having several dangerous incidents due to this WILD Cruise Control. They never did get the paint problem corrected, which they created by having my car near one they were grinding on, throwing hot metal chips over the back of my car, which quickly rusted in central Florida.
Will I ever BUY at a Chevy dealership again, EVER. HELL NO.
Would I ever take a vehicle into a Chevy Dealership for any form of work. Also HELL NO.
Take this advice from an almost 60 year owner of many Chevys, most of which became classics. Stay away form the Dealerships, FAR AWAY.
Unfortunately, I live somewhat near this Autoway Chevy, but my car and truck are both pretty quick, so I can wiz on by and never, ever stop! Don't you either.

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