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1994 Ford Explorer Question: auto hubs

picked up a 94 explorer with auto hubs they do not engage, seller said he did front brakes is it possible he didnt mark hubs and put together wrong, any one know how they should line up or how do i know if good or shot -
Answer 1
It would be best to get a Manual for your Vehicle at your local parts store and see an Exploded View of Automatic Locking Hub Assembly. There are many components in Automatic Hubs that need to be assembled in a certain order. -
Comment 1
i took them apart cleaned all grease out of em which was thick like tar,relubed with 50 weight and they seem to work, i tried combos of putting together and seem to have found the right combo lol thanks for help -
Comment 2
after comparing both sides, and cleaning noticed lil tabs on hub missing on one side, that side would not lock while other did, so went back to my 92 parts truck and stole lockers off and replaced. lot simpler to tell if they work lol -
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