authomatic trasmission problems on 2003 Honda CR-V

I have a HONDA CRV 2003 authomatic trasmission. An accident occured, not so serious but bad enough to damage some parts underneet which have been lready succesfully fixed. The car was able to move after teh accident but only in reverse or in one speed ahead. The 'D' led was flashing on the dash board. Since tehre as likage from the radiator the car was towed from the front to the nearby mechanic workshop (I leave far awy from Honda place, in Ghana). I was advice to chanhe teh sensor since one of them was damaged at teh electrical terminal. I got new ones original from Honda but teh problem persist. Now the vehicel is no moving at all. We did not use it except than from teh distance from mechanic to house (10 km) keeping teh one gera at low speed.
The diagnostic report shows teh following:
23-2 clutch presure control solenoid B failure
29-2 clutch presure control solenoid C failure
Some advices to change the gear box entirely ...What is your expert opinion? Thanks

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Was the car fixed by your insurance, If not usually its covered under your comprehensive insurance under your policy