Audi Recalls

RepairPal Expert Overview on August 31, 2006

48 vehicles may have faulty side curtain airbags. In the event of a crash, the side curtain airbag may not deploy as designed.

Summary on April 10, 2006
RepairPal Expert Overview on November 30, 2005

The front passenger air bag may not deploy. The air bag warning light and the "passenger air bag off" message would appear, causing the air bag not to deploy in a frontal crash.

Summary on April 11, 2005
Summary on October 29, 2004
Summary on July 26, 2004
RepairPal Expert Overview on April 30, 2004

The clutch could fail, disabling the vehicle and increasing the risk of a crash.

Summary on September 19, 2003
Summary on November 18, 2002
Summary on July 10, 2002