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For a 2006 Audi A6 Quatro with less than 50,000 miles; what would the expected service life be for the front upper control arm bushings in the suspension system
I bought a 2006 Audi A6, I love the car but I have an oil leak, brake pump vacuum, gasket cover, steering g hose, wheel bearing fronts needs to be replaced could the noise I hear be due to oil on the wheel bearing and...
It blows cool air out the center vents and extremely hot air out the side vents. The problen happens most when braking. What is the problem?
The car has been " maint" by Audi dealership until 172,000 until I brought the car 2 months ago. Looking for ideal of what costs will be
I find this gets worse when its wet out or im turning slightly in either direction... im thinking something with drive train maybe shaft bushing?
Noisy radiator fan. What is the engine temp level on the dashboard?
Dealer says its thermostat, but how does it make temp gauge stop working? Where are the thermostat and temp sensor located, can I fix it myself? Thank you
Why would my GPS stop working?
Hi, I will have added approximately 1 1/2 qts of oil since my last oil change 5k miles ago. I change the oil every 5k miles. It's not burning it as far as I know becuz I passed CT emmissions with no problems. No...
Airbag light is lit up on dashboard. Why and how do you turn off notification?