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I drove about 15 miles to my sister's house, parked and when I was leaving, the engine turned over just fine, but it wouldn't start. It seemed like it wasn't getting gas or like when the older cars would get moisture...
And when i get car to restart, the idle revs. Any ideas? Also, where can I find a list of recall info. for my vehicle? Thank you.
Where are the relays in the 2006 Audi A6 located?
What components are effected if the electronic power control light comes on and components causes the light to come on
it starts to over heat white smoke from hood and tank broiling
How do I go about getting the old axle out of my Audi? I have both ends loose but I can't seem to get enough room to wiggle the axle out. I have removed the shield from the transmission and took the bolt out of the b...
heater wont heat! air get cold but heat wont heat.
My heater is not working at all but the air is working great.
Brake Caliper are making a clicking noise but when I put on the brakes it stops.