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on and engages the brakes for a split second. don't know the problem or how to fix, advice?
brake is depressed, shoe indicator seems to work, brake peddle seems hard, with foot on brake allows movement of shift selector, problem just started...yesterday after sitting 7 hours then ok for a few starts...then t...
This is a new situation. It has a strong crank and will turn over eventually. It stalls at stop signs. Any ideas? I got 0 codes on my scan
after driving for a half an hour the lights stated get dim to the point you cant read them..all other lights are still bright any ideas?
happens as soon as car warms up . most pronounced when turning steering wheel to the right. Stops when you turn off automatic heating/cooling and reduce fan speed manually.
Audi A6 transmission output shaft seal leak needs replaced.
This started happening a few months ago, whenever I activated the blinker it would work perfectly, but once the turn was completed, the blinking sound would stay on for a while; sometimes the blinking sound would come...
When I press the rear defogger button, the red LED lights up if I hold my finger on the button, but as soon as I remove my finger, the light goes off. It seems like the toggle switch is not "sticky" and I can't turn o...