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Is this why my check oil light is on?
Lights come on together at slow speed, no braking, no slipping. ABS module pump continues to run, after turning engine off. Continues to run and will run battery down, unless disconnected. After some time, reconnect a...
We drove the car to the store came out 20 minutes later and the car wouldn't start. We left it and came back a few hours later and it started right up. It kept doing this throughout the week so we took it to the shop ...
i am looking for a mechanic in my area(11421) that will fix the head gasket for the price shown on repairpal..
When i put the shifter into 1st,2nd it will not show on my dash. when i put into 3ed. the car will go but the RPM is high
I really need a Manuel or at least pics of the pages
Could the fuel filter be clogged? And my check engine light is on and wont go off.
My motor was replaced and the cost for these three parts were priced at 700$.
i recently purchased the car and it was a one owner car that had been well taken care of. I noticed the smell before I saw the trace of white smoke coming from the engine. There is no trace of oil under the car where ...
The symbol is of a oil can dripping is displayed on inst. cluster. what does this stand for?
a little white smoke coming out of exhaust I have a 2001 audi a6 2.7 Quattro it has been sitting for 3 months n I started it n white smoke coming from exhaust I let it run for 30 min a day but I still see smoke
I'm a college student thats stuck w/ an expensive car! ugh. i love my baby, but she needs a new o2 sensor. the Mechanic was going to charge me 80 to diagnosis which sensor, 100 for labor, and 100 or more for the part....
My battery was dead so i ha it charged so when i put the cables on i could here here everything clicking , all of the dash lights were on but i did not have the key in the ignition . when i put the key in that spring ...