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My check engine light was on I had it cut off now my car wont start
the abs and esp lights come on and then go off and the insterment panel then goes dead this keeps repeating I charged the battery after removing the cables car was sitting for 2 weeks but did start up with no problem ...
How many miles do you have to drive for the onboard computer to reset after changing the catalyst converter to pass emission test?
what might be damage and how much to fix?
my audi has 140k new fuel pump, filter, induction cleaned no codes but continues to hesitate and check engine light comes on. Any one have an idea.
Upon leaving my dealer yesterday, after a ignition coil recall, I found that my drivers side power window would not allow the window to close all the way. I had a similar problem 2 months after I purchased the car, wi...
How much should it cost all in to replace the two front upper control arms?