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The passenger side headlights did not work, including the blinker. I changed the ballast which gave me the headlight and blinker on. The highbeam light still does not work. Replaced with new bulb, still doesn't wor...
Engine replaced due to oil pan break. Crank and cam sensors good timing set with audi tools etc no vacuum leaks present and multiple minds have been working on this for ever!! Help
I'm throwing a 0118 code which is the high circuit. I replaced the sensor on the rear of the head and lower radiator. Started it up, same issues of constant fans, will not operate over 150*, reads cold on the factory ...
it syas i have a purge flow fault and my vehicle is sputtering?
What does code P0030 mean when the engine light is on?
What cause the check oil light& buzzer to come on and the level is ok. chrishall1631@hotmail.com
My coolant light shows up on the panel as soon as I start the car in the morning and disappears in 10-15 seconds. It it a major issue or just the sensor gone bad ?
i need gear brain box number of above mentioned car.
I have slippage in the trans (107,000 miles) and tiptronic not working properly, how much for a transmission?
While Audi suggests 90k for the timing belt + H20 pump service, can I still have it performed early at 70k?
I need to get my radio code and i dont really feel like taking it to the dealer for them to just rip me off. I have my serial number and my vin. can anyone help me?
how do i remove the back brakes on the audi 2003, do you have a photo
My car has only 36,000 miles on it, but the dealer is recommending I replace the timing belt because it is now 7 years old, and that is the recommendation in the manual. Do I need to do it this soon, given the low mi...