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When it takes off it's fine,but when the rpm's are up to the point to shift, it doesn't shift to the next gear.
My car is automatic transmission. I put it in drive,but it won't shift to the next gear.
Limited heat, must set Control Head setting to 85F, HI or defrost to get limited heat output; New water pump last year, new reservoir as well, AC control head rebuilt and perfect; fan controls working properly; attemp...
The blower works with direct voltage, the control panal display is intermitant. and now my head lites dont work but with direct voltage they do.
I put in the water pump and thermal stay. Wut else?
I put a new water pump, thermal stay, wut else can it be?
I had a blowen break line on the front R after replacing the line I could not get it the bleed the air out, checked the calaper - good - I took the line off the ABS and back bleed the air out of the line untill only f...