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sure where are the gasoline cable quite? because my Audi A4 are dripping gasoline like that some one have cut off the cable.Before from that cable its came out water?
sorry that last one didn't come out right. Does anyone know how to replace a heater coil, or know of a link that will give me step by step instructions on how to do it? Thanks
me a step by step instruction on how to do it? Thanks
i own a audi a4 fwd 2.8l 133000 miles on it no check engine lights im noticing a power loss and a slight noise coming from exhaust/engine workings under the passenger side im starting to think its the cat conver...
Have a no crank situation on 97 a4 1.8 engine.Car will start if I turn ignition on and jump starter leads.I have bought 2 manuals, neither one shows complete wiring diagram. It appears switch is ok when checked.I dont...
My moon roof won't close, the motor still makes the sound but , no action when i turn the button to close open or tilt on the moon roof. It's been two days. Where should i take it? What is a good estimate to fix it?
I have been told by three repair places that my heater core needs replacing, I can't understand why it is so horribly expensive to replace such an inexpensive part. Are there any alternative to make my defroster wor...
Love my audi except for the electrical gremlins!! My cruise control only works when its hot???do I need a new computer control??
abs light comes on and brake light keeps flashing
im not sure what to take apart to get to top of rear struts