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Auburn Volkswagen
October 07, 2009

Never in my life have I feel so cheated and treated unfairly enough to blog about bad service, but this one is an exception. I am posting my review in as many blogs as possible and will sent a complain to better business bureau once I figure out the right channel to do it. I highly recommend anyone who plans to visit the service department of this dealer ship read my story.
I own a 2000 manual transmission Volkswagen beetle. My first visit there was to replace a headlight. Cost me about $60 which is fine considering that the car is design in a way that will take me forever to change it myself. After I made the payment I step out to get my car and guess what!? My transmission or my gear broke. I can’t get it to go higher than gear 1. I can still move gear around but the engine stay in gear 1. I step right back inside and after explaining the situation to them. They concluded that my transmission had coincidently broken down by wear and tear right while they were changing my headlight, and it’s not their fault. And I quote “It happens all the time” I am almost 100% sure that they lie to me but I gave them the benefit of a doubt, pay the extra $250 and leave.
My second visit now that I think about it was very stupid of me. How could I have brought my car back in there after the above story…. Well time past and I had forgotten how unlucky I can get at the dealership.
This time, I was planning to have them fix one of the buttons on my AC /heater unit. I must have turned it too hard because I heard a snap and can’t change the power of my AC fan after that. I explain the problem to them and they quote me $115 to fix it. Made me sign an estimate saying it should cost $115 to fix the problem. I know later that it was actually an agreement to pay $115 price no matter what. I sat and wait, and 30 minutes later a lady came out and told me the whole AC control unit had to be replaced, and it will cost $500. I was shock but pushed to the limit where I decided not to waste my time and just get it fix. And than they say “We don’t have the part right now, we have to order it and it takes 2 weeks or more to get it…. You should try somewhere else”. At that point I wasn’t planning to give them my business anyway but I was surprised by their attitude. They want me pay $115 for just the diagnostic but I managed to get it down to $105. (I did also get my oil change which cost $35, but other than that I had gained nothing more than the knowledge that I need a new AC control unit….) I went home and notice that the outer cover of the AC unit was not even remove, someone try to open it up but forced the screws so bad that it is now impossible to turn them. I believe they were not able to even remove the AC unit cover frame to even look at what was wrong in detail.
I had no camera installed in my car so I can’t say for sure what went on in their backyard. I can only share my side of the story. I think If you don’t mind rude services (they even made fun of me)…. If you have a lot of money to spare, and if you like fixing an extra thing or two while getting your headlight replace, drive right in to Volkswagen service department.

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Auburn Volkswagen
August 10, 2008

Easy to work with and helpful, but way overpriced. Warranty wouldn't pick up work and they quoted $900 for a repair. Independent across the street quoted $200.

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