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Atlantic Car Care
June 19, 2015

Most people who have a good experience don't know they're being lied to, and they don't often challenge the person who lied to them. Here's my experience. The owner made me feel uncomfortable. He told me about his history using hard drugs. I don't want to hear that. I wanted my brakes inspected and replaced. They quoted me incorrectly and replaced the brakes with high quality brakes. They squealed so I brought them back. They exchanged them for lesser quality brakes explaining how it's "normal for brakes to squeal on cars all the time". My brakes still squealed. I brought it back and they tell me it's the back brakes. Red Flag. Why didn't they tell me about the back brakes the first time I went there? They charged me 53 dollars for 26 dollars brakes. I took note of his biography on the wall and the letter he sent me saying I could come to him if there was a problem. So I did, I told him I was dissatisfied and he came up with lies about what brakes I had and the quality of them. I told him I feel I'm being lied to and he got mad cussing and hung up on me. I Called him back to try to work things out but he immediately started talking over me. Then he cussed and hung up on me again. The owner had no interest in what I had to say, it was all about him, not the customer. The first time I questioned the price of the brakes he said "I don't care what prices you found on google, I can charge what I want" than he smiled and said "Believe me, I make money".

This guy will lie to you, he is a liar, and he will rip you off and then try to speak a bunch of nonsense to confuse you and he sounds confident so most people probably don't challenge him. But go a head and challenge this guy and watch how he starts making up stories that don't make any sense at all.

Do not go to Atlantic Car Care. If you had a good experience, you don't know you were lied to.

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Atlantic Car Care
January 12, 2013

The price is too expensive! They have told me stuffs that needed to be fixed aren't true! Don't come here!

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Atlantic Car Care
November 05, 2010

I think the owner Mike Moore is the biggest crook I have ever seen he jerry rigged my Honda van multiple times until I had enough then after repeat returns he finally repaired it properly. It was repaired by the third mechanic two other mechanics tried to rig it the first time obviously he cannot keep help there if I were those mechanics I would not want to work for a shady person like him either!!!! I would not recommend Atlantic Car Care to air up my tire!!!

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