ATC ambient Sensor and ATC incar sensor on 1994 Chrysler LHS

Where are the locations of the ambient sensor and the "in car" sensor. I have a code 25 and a 26 flashing. The parts store sold me a sensor but I'm not sure which to replace. The one I pulled out of the dash board has a little fan attached with 4 wires. The one they sold me is a 2 wire plug type that looks like the top of a bottle of gear grease and is about as big as your thumb. I bought a repair book and ended up tearing out the entire daska nd knee board to get to the sensor. Obviously the book was a little off in only having to remove a single screw and the bezel would come off. Any help would be appreciated.

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I think I may have just answered this question the two wire sensor you describe reports the temperature outside the car and is located usually behind the front bumper or front grill area. The wire colors to the sensor are light green/ black and the other wire is yellow.
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it is located in side the car on the dash where it says chrysler
1993 chrysler concorde, with fan and 2 wires part original number is 173000-0631, 4 prong plug plug in, took it out of the dash over glovebox, took endcap off, then pried the bezel off, quite simple, however, now that I did that, I can't find one anywhere at any parts stores that look like mine at all, none of them have fans at all and are totally different shaped. whats up with this