At what mileage should I have the timing chain(s) replaced on a 2002 Suzuki XL7? on 2002 Suzuki XL-7

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I contacted the dealer regarding having the main tensioner replaced (loud chain rattling noise-which is common for XL7s) and possibly the timing chain. He told me that I should have all 3 tensioners replaced since the repair is extensive and pricey, so I wouldn't have to bring it in again for another tensioner repair. BUT I asked him at what mileage does the timing chain need to be replaced and he told me never. I'm skeptical about not replacing the timing chain as well. Please Help!
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The manufactatures do not have a published interval for replacement of timing chains. So in most cases they are supposed to last the life of the engine. In the old days when timing chains was nsomething we did often it really was not the chain that failed. What failed was the sprockets that it turned. They went to plastic and alunmium and that stuff failed. I'm not a expert on Suzuki but the dealer probaly has seen this problem and should know what's best in this case.
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