at what mileage should a timing belt replaced. It has 80000 miles on it. on 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser

I purchased the car from the original owner and it was very well taken care of. It's a fully loaded Limited Edition. I had my mechanic check everything and he says it's in great condition. He told me to find out if the belt has ever been replaced as a preventative measure, as of now there are no problems or symptoms pertaining to the timing belt. I thought he only asked me about that because maybe these cars are known to having problems with the timing belt once they hit a certain amount of miles.

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It will say in the owners manual if you have one otherwise I have found a couple websites that say 120K. I have also found websites that sow people having problems with the timing belt at 70K. Rule of thumb is 100K.
Should be done at 65k miles due to age of car.