At times I have water practically running out of the lower rear heat vents on 2001 Saab 9-5

At times I have water practically running out of the lower rear heat vents while the A/C is on. Both cooling fans seem to be working fine, both drain ports are clear and working, Today I replace the cabin filter and cleaned the box, made sure all drain ports any debris under the under the hood screen is clear. I stared the car; let it run for about an hour with the A/C temp on low and the fan on high. It is a hot and humid day. Went for a quick drive, and here comes the water!!!! The last owner let this get so bad, the units under the seats shorted out. I don’t want to fix that again. To dry the carpet I cranked the heater on high, got side tracked cleaning the garage and an hour later I found 1.5 inches of water on the rear passenger side floor! It does not have the smell or texture of antifreeze. If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it!!!! Thanks!"

by in Mechanicsburg, PA on September 05, 2012
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ANSWER by , September 07, 2012
The drain hole for the A/C is not under the hood screen. There is a small 1/2" diameter tube that runs through the firewall on the passenger side. Some have a rubber hose with a 90 degree angle attached to the end. That is what is clogged causing the water to accumulate inside the car. Clear this drain and your problem will be solved.