ASR*/ESP* LIGHT on 2005 Volkswagen Beetle

will having the asr/esp light on cause damage to engine

by in Atlanta, GA on October 04, 2013
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ANSWER by on October 04, 2013
No. But your brakes will be affected. You probably have a poor connection somewhere.
COMMENT by on October 04, 2013
thank you
ANSWER by on October 10, 2013
no it seeing it is part of the traction control system ASR stands for Anti-Slip Regulation. It is a early traction system that only prevented the wheels from slipping under acceleration. ESP is a newer traction system that incorporates ASR, BAS, ABS, ETS under 1 control module. ESP prevents the vehicle from going out of control on corners by braking individual tires and cutting the signal from the accelerator pedal. It uses a steering angle sensor, YAW rate sensor, acceleration sensor, and all 4 wheel speed sensors to determine which wheel to brake.
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