ASC light comes on and accelerator inactive on 2002 Jaguar XKR

I have owned this car for four years. It now has 88K miles on it. About three times a year an ASC light comes on. When I turn the engine off for a couple of minutes the computer resets and the car will return to normal for three or four months. Four times the ASC light came on and the accelerator became totaly inactive and the engine will only idle. This happened this morning at 65 mph on 405 (6 lanes of traffic)in LA and nearly caused a major freeway wreck. The dealer has reprogramed the computer twice trying to solve the problem. What to do?

by in Camarillo, CA on April 07, 2011
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ANSWER by , April 07, 2011
your engine is going into "limp home mode" and is disabling the throttle. with an extremely dangerous failure like this and extremely intermittent, you have two choices: (1) leave the car at the dealer and tell them that you do not want to drive this car until it's fixed, no matter what it costs. (2) you trade the car for something reliable like a Lexus
COMMENT by , April 07, 2011
I really don't think it goes into the limp home mode. In the limp home mode there is some throttle response. In this case there is "no throttle response". Toyota and Lexus has had their share of throttle response issues so I don't think that is a good solution to my problem.
COMMENT by , October 21, 2013
I have had this happen too. Threw a code, forget what it was. This had happened to me a few times over the years when the car wasnt warmed up and as I accelerated hard and warranting a downshift, it would kick off. I had the trans checked as I couldnt feel an issue in the engine. The wiring harness from the trans to computer was wicking up fluids. They cleaned the harness, resealed at trans and no probs since.