as soon as my car get warm I lose power, I done a full tune-up,air & fuel filter on 1998 Ford Contour

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Catl-convert. while driving,it feels kike the car is attach to a ruber
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yes, a fuel air metereing code. Ijust drove it 79 miles and the ist 62 miles it were runing 90%, than the last few miles i could only get it over 40 mph.
As you stated on your original post , perhaps the converter is failing and is causing an exhaust restriction , once warmed up. Having it monitored with a scanner that can read live data , or simply observing the difference in exhaust flow and temp from cold to warmed up will help confirm it. vacuum guage , used properly , can also confirm it.
Thank you, i'll have it check ASAP,for i will be living in it due to, anyway thanks for the help.