Are these typical symptoms of running out of gas? on 2000 Honda Accord

Last night, I was about to drive to the gas station after work (was seriously low due to being late for work and being unable to stop), and my car started shaking when I turned it on. Then the "Check Engine" light came on, and started blinking/flashing. I carefully drove it the 500 ft or so to the nearest gas station, filled the tank halfway, and checked the oil (which was low, so I added a quart).

I decided to let the car sit for a second, let the fluids settle... and when I turned it on again, the same symptoms arose. I tried giving it a little gas, thinking that maybe I needed to get some fuel into the engine, but nothing changed.

I got it towed and I am awaiting the morning when I can go get it checked out at the local Firestone.

I have been looking up these symptoms online, and it seems that this is pretty normal. Air gets into the fuel system, the engine and on-board computer panic, and these symptoms arise.

So I guess my question is... Am I correct in thinking that these might go away with time? Is there anything else I should do?

If it helps, I have driven a vehicle that had a bad spark plug, and I could feel the misfire... The shaking KINDA feels like that. (hoping its not)

Thanks so much for your time!!!

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have it scan tested for codes and check fuel pressure