are there knows problems with the window regulators? on 1999 Saab 9-3

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I have already changed the regulator once, and the window still falls right off the track when I let it go too far down. I have had to keep the door panel off so that I can continually readjust the window on the track. I'm beginning to think it's the wrong window... please help
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Could be the quality of the part or the quality of the install. Have had no problems with the ones we have done.
so you don't suspect its the window itself? you don't know of any reoccurring problems do you?
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Something's wrong if you have to re-adjust anything. Are your guides tight, that should hold the window.
the round things on the end with the clip? that ride on the track? those popped off of the regulator today. please excuse my lack of knowledge. Should I just replace those? It seems to me that there should be some sort of 'stopper' on the outsides of the window tracking
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What I was thinking, internet. Have had several customers bring regulators from the internet, they don't beef up the parts very good. Have had some break during installation. Spend the extra money for a good one reputable dealer, even the Dorman's are better than ebay. I warn the customer that I'm not responcible for any damage to their regulators, if I even accept the job anyway. Mostly I refuse the job completely. The customers like to broadcast the person that screwed up their part, not saying they made the mistake buying the cheaper one to save money.
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