Are there any repair shops that take payments for desired work? on 2002 Ford Taurus

Are there any repair shops that the car can be towed to get repair done and I can make payments on the repair. Will they give me an estimate on the repair. I need a catlayte converter. The car would have to be towed to the shop.
Thanks for your help in this matter

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Unless you already have an established relationship with someone,I think not.I suppose that you could ask the local guys.A big chain might suggest one of their own credit cards,but if you don't qualify for that,or don't have an existing card,that would be a red flag.Not many want to speculate with their labor or parts least not in the car biz.
Ok, thanks for the info. I quess my car will just have to sit until I come up with the money to get it repaired. I do have boards under the tires to keep them off the ground.
Iam stuck between a rock and a hard place. Can't afford a car payment and can't afford a good car to be repaired. Thanks again.