Are the front wheel bearing replacement prices I'm getting reasonable? on 2006 Toyota Sienna

We've been told we need to have our front-right wheel bearing replaced. The noise I am hearing is consistent with this. RepairPal is telling me the cost should run between $244 - $325. The quotes I've gotten have been for $415 and $455. What would be valid reasons for this difference?

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the brand of parts will make that diff alone. cheap parts are just that cheaper. are the parts orig toy parts?
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Is your Sienna 2WD or AWD? Did the bearing fail possibly due to hitting a pothole 20K miles ago? ---they may be including alignment in their est. ------Get specifics on what is being done , and related warranty coverage for those items. But , yeah $20.00 is about right.
Sounds reasonably high...their valid reasons may markup...padded labor time...very busy schedule...possibly misunderstood and quoted you for BOTH wheel bearings.