2009 Ford Taurus Q&A

2009 Ford Taurus Question: Are problems with engine stopping frequent.

Is it a common fault for the engine to quit while traveling on the road. I was going about 40-45 mph when my car stopped running. 3 lights lit on the dash. I had no power steering or power brakes when I pulled off the road. My mileage is under 5k. -
Answer 1
I haven't heard of any reports yet, but this is still fairly new vehicle. It should still be under warranty so I would take it back to the Ford Dealer to get it checked out. -
Answer 2
I just bought a used 2009 Taurus with 26000 miles. I was driving in rain today at about 50 mph, coasting, when the engine died. Various diagnostic lights on the dash were lit. I had no trouble steering and braking to a stop. I put it in park and restarted the engine again with no problem. The problem did not reoccur the rest of the trip. -
Answer 3
I have a 2009 Taurus LX that I bought in April 2010, it had 22k miles. The engine stall has happened 3 times, always on cruise control @ 55 - 60mph the 1st & 2nd time and @ 31mph the 3rd time, which was on it's way to the dealership. They gave me a computer sensor that I need to press when it happens again, since the diagnostics do not show any problems. -