Are my valve seals to blame? on 2000 Toyota Celica

Vehicle has two plugs with oil on is saturated. car runs relatively fine at idle but when accelerated it runs external leaks. no oil in coolant or vice versa.used a stethescope on the engine and everything sounds fine.can't do a compression or leak down test because of where the car is located. Plus when its running it smells really rich, guessing cuz of all the oil and the 02 sensor.I'm guessing its the valve seals.would i becorrect in this the check engine light is showing a catalyst damaging issue is occurring

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Could be a lot of things.
The number four cylinder had crud and oil saturation.i can't recall if the socket had oil on it or not.the last time i looked at this vehicle was a year ago and i told him stop driving it, which he did.when the car is at idle it run relaticely smoother but u can smell the unburned fuel.give it gas and it runs rough.I'm going down to work on it over the weekend and will confirm whether or not the socket is oily.if its a simpler fix, i have some parts to return cuz i just purchased the vehicle from him lol
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No I do not think its valve seals. The fact that its running rich could foul plugs and thin oil out with fuel. I suggest you get fault codes read first and repost them here to see if anyone here can help.
I think the only code he said that pulled up was for the 02 sensor. i can't be sure. the last time i looked at the car was a year ago and i told him to stop driving it, which he did. will be going to work on it this weekend and will try to get codes pulled nd will post. thank u for ur were fpr misfires on all cylinders and cat malfunction