are mechanics suppose 2 replace brakefluid & calipers when replacing the brakes? on 1998 Chevrolet Malibu

had my front brakes done by an auto shop not even a year ago, now brake calipers are bad and brake fluid is old and now a dark color.

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Well that is a good question! Really no way to know when a caliper will fail but the brake fluid should have been changed. Now if you just needed brake pads some shops just replace them only! The shop owner or service mananger should have informed you about the fluid needing to be changed. The mechanic was probably just doing what he was told to do. Unless he is also the owner/mananger! However in the shops defense, 'some' customers want the best price for a repair without consideration of the outcome. Big difference in a quality brake service and a brake job! Also a BIG difference in price! Hope this helps.