2005 Audi TT Q&A

2005 Audi TT Question: Are "boots" the same as constant velocity joints?

Service at dealer informed me that the "boots" had to be replaced. My car is under extended warranty; however, inspector for warranty company says that "boots" are not covered. We checked warranty and under DRIVE AXLE the constant velocity joints and seals and gaskets are covered. Is this the same thing. Please help so I have a good understanding to go ahead and fight with them on claim -
Answer 1
boots cover the joints and contain grease for lubrication. when the boot rips and the grease escapes, the joint becomes damaged. if the axle is making noise then it is covered. if not, go to the aftermarket and get the axle replaced. they are about 119 per axle. Roy -
Answer 2
boot are the rubber cover on c v axle keep the grease for sling out of c v jiont they are on both end of axle -