Approximately how much would replaceing a HALF SHAFT cost? on 1999 Toyota Camry

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bbmw is correct but prices very in diff areas so ck with your local parts house or on and price it thru them
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Go to a parts store and purchase the part : First, call shop to do the work and inform them you will bring in the cv shaft (half-shaft). Should be about 2 hours labor.
These parts costs $70-90 here in North California. Labor to replace this part is one and a half hour.
Shops generally charge $90 per hour so you are looking at $205-225 total if you use your own parts.
Wow. The MSRP for the manual transmission axle(half shaft) is over 500.00, the auto transmission axle is less than 200.00 with almost two hours labor. I looked into various parts suppliers and found the axle for the manual trans for around 250 but you get what you pay for. It depends entirely on who you employ in this case.