apparent valve tap after timing belt change on 2007 Honda Pilot

The vehicle was operating excellent. no engine noises. Changed timing belt (kit). Now subtle tapping in engine.

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who did timing belt? is the timing right on?
yes Belt was on right
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Did you put a new tensioner in?
used a complete new kit, 400$ +
Might be worth a second look under the covers to make sure everything is still in correct time (if it's running , most likely it is) and that ALL bolts brackets etc. including the tensioner are OK. If the tensioner is faulty or loose that may lead to the belt jumping which will then lead you to jumping and screaming and all that bad stuff we don't want! UNLESS you have no oil in the engine the valves are NOT the noise!!!..........Much cheaper to double check all work , than it is to buy an engine! Don't drive it til fixed.
Am taking Honda to dealer for their analysis. Thank you.
1st ? never got answered. who put the belt and tensioner on to start with?
Yeah , I was wondering that too................Hope we get a reply as to the actual cause of the 'noise' , now I'm curious!
I will not name the shop (local repair).
You each have helped me realize it is likely something was missed or misaligned and that is why i am going to a honda dealer.
Thank each of you for stimulating me to take a deeper look.
Thank you for replying. Hope it's something simple, good luck.