Anything I can do BEFORE paying a shop for labor? RE:Headlight issues on 2005 Honda Civic

My passenger headlight went out and thought nothing of it. I bought replacement bulbs and still no lights came on. I checked the fuses and still nothing. Anyone out there that can help me out?

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check the bulb. usually it has 2 coils spring conductor things inside one for low beam one for high. if both look black or broken then thats your problem. try to put bulb in with out touching the bulb itself with fingers. if only high beams work and you only see one coil burned out you still have to replace the bulb. make sure you put a tad of vaseline or bulb grease to seal the connectors so no water can infiltrate cause that kills bulbs. if bulb looks fine then it most likely will be a wiring problem. you can visually check the wires if they have cuts or looks burnt the the wires will have to be replaced. Also Follow the ground wire from the headlight socket to where it connects to metal ground. Disconnect the connection, sand it with sandpaper. Then apply a dab of dielectric grease (any auto parts store). Then reconnect. That should solve your problem.