Anyone know wear to find the hose that leads to the pooling water on drivers floor. on 2001 Chrysler Sebring

2001 Sebring 3.0L 2dr. Coupe. Seems to occurs every few days. I know the washer fluid is busted but to frequent to be that because i never use it. The A/C water does drain out from the bottom because i see it, but im thinking some must have found its way under my seat. Or it could be the drain but i dont hear any water in my doors or anything so not sure?? Please help if you know. Thanks

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I drive the same car. It is the drain, though some will drain out from under the car. Fixing this problem will require a pro. I tried everything short of pulling the dash apart myself. This drain is in a location that is very hard to get to. The condensation from the a/c is running back into the cab because the seal is missing or damaged at the cars lower firewall were the plastic drain tube goes thru. Mine still leaks. I removed the driver side carpet. This car runs great, has high mileage and is not worth much. If you love your 3.0 take it to a reputable repair shop.
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Most likely it`s the heater core leaking or one of the hoses connected to it. If you have an autozone near by they should be able to print the details on inspection and repair,if you can`t or don`t whant to and that is the problem it will be costly not the part but the labor because alot of the lower dash has to be removed. Probably the best way to find out is soak some of it up on a white paper towel and smell it and check the color,green or a kind of orange would be coolant depending on the type you use blue or clear could be washer fluid .Also if the A/C runs out in the same area under the car it could be the hose from the evaporator but that should be on the passangers side under the hood,hope this is some help
I know this thread is 6 yrs old but I want to tell you anyway because I'm going through the same problem. I'm sorry I miss read the question. My water is in the passenger floor and is the air conditioner drain hose.