Anyone hear of water pump failure causing total engine failures, locking up. on 2001 Honda Passport

After virtually no engine issues with this car at 113,500 miles, an idiot towing company lets a car come off their ramp tow truck and crash into the front of my Passport parked behind the towed vehicle. The initial problems addressed in addition to the body work needed, were AC condensor, heater fan assembly. At 114,400 the radiator blew and was believed part of the collision. Then at 117,000 miles the water pump goes out and trashes the engine, but is determined that there no connection to the previous front end connection. Does anyone know of this type of engine, water pump problem?

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timing belt and water pump are 1oo,ooo mile service. i am sure there was some warning of the failure, noise, leak or running hot?? did it overheat?? to do major engine damage, it had to do something that made the engine fail.