Anyone else had issues with water getting in your head lamps? on 2005 Volkswagen Beetle

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I have a 2005 VW Convertable with 24k miles. (I am the original owner.) The car is garage parked and is covered when out side. I have only washed the car (by hand) 6 or 7 times. Last time I washed it I noticed that water is getting into the head lamps. The dealership is saying the seals on both are torn. I think the car has been like this since I got it and they are saying my extended Platinum Warranty does not cover it. Has anyone else seen this? I noticed that people are saying the headlamps need to be replaced due to burn out....perhaps it's because water is getting in????
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You are correct the water will take out your bulbs. Instead of paying top dollar for dealer replacement you may be able to buy after market replacement assemblies. You may also try removing the seals and reinstalling them making sure that there is no creases.

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