Any recalls for leaking head gaskets, transmission, and clock spring for horn on 1998 Toyota Corolla


I was told that I have leaking head gasket that could possibly cause a fire (leaking transmission) (saw report on about someone who said Toyota made their head gaskets out of metal coated with graphite (they believe to give impression they're comparable to graphite and paper gaskets). They said preferred head gasket is to have cylinder head decked (talking it appears when read entire article about 1998 Toyota Corolla (isn't this a safety hazard since could catch fire).

Also told clock spring on my 1998 Toyota Coralla needs replacement ($500 Toyota told me) and this is a safety concern. Please tell me if any recalls on these parts.

I would very much appreciate a quick response. My auto is in the shop right at this time.

Thanks very much,


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A Toyota dealer has that info. Call with your VIN to see if any recall work is pending on your car.
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not that iknow of if its at the dealer now ask them.