Any one know this Combustion chamber clogged w/carbon. chemical cleaning needed on 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe

check engine lite came on-still in warranty. dealer said "actuator for butterlies that run thru intake manifold" broke due to "combustion chamber clogged w/carbon" they will warranty replace actuator, but i must pay for "chemical cleaning of combustion chamber" car has 38K miles, 2 yrs old. Never had that issue on my 10 yr old toyota w/150K miles. is the dealer telling me something legit or blowing smoke up ...

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wow carbon can build up but never seen that.i just cleaned my tundra at 45k miles and it wasn't bad at all.there might be some smoke going on
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I see smoke........and I'm on the East coast!!!Ask to see the supposed carbon build-up (not photos of another engine)on your engine.