Any known issues with front end alignment for '07 Sante Fe? on 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe

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Both my wife and I have these vehicles as does one of my daughters. All three of us experience severe tire wear on the inside tread band of our tires. A dealer alignment didn't seem to solve the problem. Just wondering if anyone else experienced this issue and whether it was resolved or not?
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there is a tech service bulliton on rack and pinion mounting bolt issue that is loose might effect your align. good luck nothing else listed
Thank you - I will have this looked into.

Follow Up: Had BOTH cars 4-wheel aligned. Both were severly out of alignment and brought them back into spec alignment. Both have new tires so I'll be watching for wear patterns. If your Santa Fe shows signs of scuffing or very uneven tire weat I'd certainly have it looked at. Could save you many hundreds for tires.
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