Any ideas? Car feels like it has a miss fire and stalls at times at idle. on 1996 Toyota Camry

No engine light. Happened while driving also. Car bucked a few times than just stalled. Starts back up but stalls again. Drive a few feet idle drops notice a miss fire than dies. Things Ive just replaced due to this problem. Spark plugs and wires, Crank sensor, Dist. cap and rotor. Tried 2 different dist. from junk yards. No difference. Same thing. Engine coolant sensor, EGR valve, Checked timing perfect. Check for any vacuum leaks none. I removed throttle body cleaned it all out. Removed IAC valve tested it as per shop manual passed. Dont know what else to do. Injectors are good. Good fuel pressure. Any Ideas? Some days it will run fine. But now it seems to be doing it all the time. Doesnt matter cold or hot.

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Water in gas tank.?!? Fire it up but do not move it, see how long it runs without stalling. If no stall now, shake or rock the car to see if stall returns after a minuet or so.. IF it stalls after rocking the car back and forth, get a fuel sample in a clean clear container, let it sit around for 5 minuets then see if any water appears in the bottom of container. Heck you have tried everything else, so why not go in a different direction!?
Thanks for your reply, No water in tank. I removed fuel pump and checked. Its pretty easy , located right under seat in back. Any other ideas?
Yes i do have ONE more idea, take the car to a mechanic and get it fixed!!!
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poss hole in intake boot,remove and insp for cracks
Thanks for the reply, The boot was replaced last year. And I checked to make sure. any other ideas? I even sprayed the motor with brake clean to verify i had no more vacuum leaks. Sprayed intake , hoses, etc. all good.
its a great way to find any vacuum leaks you'll notice idle stumble when theres a leak. and does a good job cleaning oil leaks. if the gaskets are sealed and o rings it shouldnt get to it. atleast its what i thought.
Check for corrosion/loose connections on ground connections to engine.
thank you for your reply.
i have checked all the grounds that i could see in the engine bay. to and from for any looseness or corrosion.
last night it stalled 5 times within 10 min. with the miss fire happening first. than on the 6th time when i started it. it ran fine, no miss no stalling for over 10 min. until i had to go inside. than i turned it off.
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