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1997 Chrysler Sebring Question: ANy ideas?

White smoke, loud sounds like the rods moving when push on gas, check engine light on...... -
Answer 1
Check Engine light on will require a scan tool to retrieve trouble codes stored in the computer of your car. It may indicate where the problem or problems lay in your engine. Smoke coming out the exhaust may be excess fuel if it is black in color, head gasket issues if it smells sweet, is white in color, or engine oil being burned in the engine if is gray blue in color. Get this checked out or more expensive damage will occur. Safest to get this cat towed to a repair shop. Hopefully you have caught the problem in time and it may be a blown radiator hose but this sounds serious. I wish you luck hopefully the damage is not serious. -
Comment 1
smoke is coming from engine not exhaust? Ok to drive to dealer even with the loud noise and the smoke? It smells like oil burning i knew ther ewas a small oil leak but it has oil and antifreeze -
Answer 2
I live close enough to you I could swing by and take a look/listen. -
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