1995 Dodge Stratus Q&A

1995 Dodge Stratus Question: Anti Theft system

Anti theft system will not turn off. -
Answer 1
I had the same problem. I think. Alarm started going off and I didn't even know that I had an alarm. To shut it off you have to get out and manually unlock the doors with the key from the outside. -
Answer 2
my 96 stratus did the same thing....but the key wouldnt work....check your driver side door compartment....if there is a weird looking set of wires in there, plug them together then start the car and then unplug the wires.. -
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My problem is not having the key for it to be done properly. Is there anyway to just by-pass it without the key or even simply deactivate it completely?
The car shut off when I came to a stop sign. After towing the vehicle home, it hadn't cranked since. I've replaced the fuel pump. It will turn over, but will not crank.