Anti-lock brakes on 2004 Chevrolet Impala SS

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original problem had code c1226, found rt frt. rt. rear & lft. rear wheel hubs worn & loose, also found rt. &left axle shafts inner tripods loose. replace wheel hub assy, & both axles. vehicle went 5000 miles and codes c1226 &c1245 returned in history critieria, problems occur when accerating & turning at the same time trac light comes on & anti lock module pulsates (sounds like it grinds)
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Hello , check the wiring that goes to the sensors that run along the lower control arm, they are notorious for braking ,,, also make sure that the pins in the connector are good and tight ,, they might be spread open a little , then as you make a turn they loose contact , thus causing the problems you described