anti lock brake light came on and won't go off on 1993 Cadillac DeVille

my anti lock light, located just below the emergency brake light, which is on also, neither will go off. why? it just came on last week.

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indicates a malfunction with the abs system. most likely cause is a wheel speed sensor failure. a shop with a scan tool will verify the failure and give you a bid.

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check for bad wheel bearing
WE have a 2002 cadillac seville with only 116,000 miles. Sweet car. Could bad abs brakes affect the air conditioning? When the brake lights all come on the air STOPS blowing cool. It continues to blow fine, just not cool. It is awful. Then when the lights eventually go out, it kicks cool again. Then when the lights decide to come back on, in which they do because they need to get fixed, the cool air stops once again. If we get brakes fixed, will it fix the air and heat? Thank you.