anti lock brake light on 2001 GMC Sierra 1500

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I am thinking of buying this truck but the anti lock brake light and brake light are on the man says that they have always been on and the brakes work fine but they are on for a reason and I need to know how expensive it will be to get them off thanks
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When the ABS (anti-lock braking system) light comes on, it is usually expensive to fix. The ABS does not affect normal braking. The ABS is responsible for, when you slam on your brakes for a FAST stop, helping your brakes not to lock up on you. The will make the brakes do a pulsing motion instead of a hard squeeze on the rotors. Without ABS, your car is subject to losing control and skidding under extreme breaking.
In my opinion, you should tell the man about this and have him bring the price down a bit if possible. I do not think that this should determine whether or not you buy the car or not though. Cars used to be made without ABS. It is just an extra safety measure..