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Answer Auto Repair East
February 21, 2015

$442.00 and a week later, and my car still has the same problem. I took my vehicle to them with the ABS light on, check engine light on, and a menu reading of "service electric break system". They informed me that the ABS module needed to be replaced and it would take a week to get the part in, but my car was safe to drive. I'm not a mechanic, (that's why I've attempted to pay to have my vehicle fixed) but I can tell you my car wasn't safe to drive. Brakes were catching at 15mph and under, and my engine was over working. The speedometer quit working at random times as well. I don't know why they told me it was safe to drive when it clearly wasn't. I overlooked the discrepancy.

I didn't drive it for the week we were waiting on the module. The next week they called to tell me the module was delivered and I could bring my car in and they would have it fixed the following day. Called the following day as it was nearing closing time and they told me it wasn't fixed because the wrong part was delivered, but they already had the right part and were working on it. That also seemed strange because naturally I was thinking, "how did you get the part so quickly if it took a week to get it the first time??" but I again overlooked this odd discrepancy, in hopes that my vehicle would just be fixed.

They said it was fixed at closing time, but they hadn't had a chance to test drive it yet and wanted to be "absolutely sure it was good to go for me" and they would test drive it in the morning and deliver it to me early. I was actually impressed by this and thanked them. The next morning went by, they finally called me to tell me it was ready for pickup. I'm not sure what happened to the whole delivery plan? But okay.

So I go pick up my vehicle and all of the same lights come on within 5 minutes of driving away from the lot. I'm not sure what happened to my time or my money. I'm taking it back to them on Monday, and if they actually FIX the problem free of charge I might change my review. I'm putting a 6 month old baby into this vehicle, so when a company tells me it's safe to drive, I expect it to be safe to drive. When I pay to have something fixed, I expect it to be fixed. EXCHANGE of goods and services. I'm not rich enough to be throwing my money away.
As of now, I would recommend finding another auto repair shop that actually repairs autos.

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Answer Auto Repair East
June 10, 2013

I have had my vehicles repaired at the Answer for approximately two years. They are accurate, professional and very reasonable. Highly recommended their services.

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Answer Auto Repair East
June 03, 2009

They totally took advantage of me. They did over $2000 worth of work on my car and it turned out that they owed me $800+ in refunds for unnecessary or faulty work. They improperly diagnosed my cars issues. I believe they read the computer codes and suggested the most expensive part that could be the solution to the code. (the part cost $500+) Mark, the owner, boasted about only using BMW parts but then used off brand spark plugs that had to be replaced because they weren't compatible. They charged me to replace my valve gasket cover, but a later mechanic found that it had been glued together, and poorly at that. In the end, the real cause of my codes was not even fixed.
I know 2 other people that he has pulled similar things on. DO Not trust him!!!

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