AM/FM RADIO on 1994 Mercedes-Benz S320

My battery died a week ago .Since then,my radio won't work .I have been asked for a code.What should I do?

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Call your dealership and by giving them the last six digits of your vin # they should be able to give you your five digit security code. Next, turn the key to the first "on" detent, turn radio on and enter your code followed by pushing "sc" or scan button to enter or verify the correct code. - Randy
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You will need to enter the radio security code. You may have the info in your owners manual booklet, or you may have to go to your dealer to get the code. Don't try to enter a code if you don't know it, some radios will lock you out if you try to enter the wrong code a few times.
Look in your manual cover. Same thing happened to mine.
The manual tells you how to use the radio buttons to input the code--I think it is 4 numbers. I believe that there was a paper or a tag attached to the manual plastic cover that listed the code.

I think if you enter the wrong code 3x, you have to wait a certain length of time to try again.